49 CFR: GSI has developed Hazmat training for domestic tranport of hazardous materials. Our training is continaually updated with the latest regulations for ensuring that your employees are up to date on the latest DOT HAZMAT regulations.
IATA/ICAO Training: GSI Computer Services offers computer based DGR training required for shipping dangerous goods by air. This is available in both CDROM and online training.
IMDG Training: A course for the international transport of dangerous goods by vessel is available in CDROM and online format.
40/49 CFR Training: GSI provides 40/49 CFR Waste CDROM and online based training.
Spanish IATA/ICAO Training: The course for IATA has a Spanish translation available.
49 CFR Bulk Training: GSI provides traning that specializes in bulk transport of hazardous materials.
49 CFR Regualation Books: Up to date books are sold with 49 CFR federal regulations. Subscriptions are available.
Specialized Training and Software: GSI offers specialized training and software. Lithium Batteries is a course for the special requirements for transporting lithium ion and lithium metal batteries by air and highway. Dec Master is also used to help fill out shipper's declarations.