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DEC MASTER 55 is now available!

This new version of DEC Master replaces the version 54 and is compliant with the IATA 55th edition effective January 1, 2014. DEC Master 55 is also compliant with Federal Express requirements! You may place your order by adding the DEC Master 55 to your shopping cart.

Dec Master 55 Update

If you already have the DEC MASTER 54 version you may purchase an upgrade to the DEC Master 55 version. This upgrade will work only for the DEC Master 54 version.

Dec Master Software (Shipper's Declaration of Dangerous Goods)

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Dec Master 59 Update
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Once a declaration is completed, it may be printed by any printer installed on your network. The print job will be directed to a separately-supplied Shipper's Declaration form:

You also have the ability to create templates for frequently used materials or consignee's,
saving you valuable time by not having to retype repeated information.