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Computer Based Training (CBT) software

The different Computer Based Training (CBT) software packages are intended to provide students with high quality instruction in the 49 CFR, IATA/ICAO, IMDG, 40 / 49 CFR and 49 CFR Bulk hazmat training courses in a convenient and practical way, allowing them to learn the material at their own pace and take evaluation tests at their convenience.

These CBT software packages are available in both standalone and web-based versions, both of which are identical in content and divided in ten different learning modules.

Each module may be accessed by selecting it by name in the main screen.

IATA/ICAO in Spanish Computer Based Training Software  - No Audio

This training is intended for the use of one student at a time, in an individual setting, not a classroom setting.

IATA/ICAO in Spanish Stand-alone (CD-ROM)

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*Reference materials include the IATA Regulations Book, Emergency Response Guidebook, and the GSI 10 Step Textbook. These reference materials are mandatory for completing training.

* Stand-alone CD ROM Packages come with 5 certificates and are only meant to train 5 students.

Please review our software return policy before making a purchase:
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All Computer Based Training is up to date with the current Training Manuals.

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